Sharks 2021 Update

    Shark Family,

    We know you are eagerly waiting for news regarding the upcoming summer, so here’s your well-deserved update.

    Over 80% of families that responded to our survey told us they want to be back this summer, and we concur! The board met last night and unanimously agreed that we want to have a Sharks swim season that will be fun, but also safe for all our swimmers, coaches and families.

    The board is committed to determine exactly how a 2021 season could operate. We will be meeting weekly in the coming months to put together a plan that gets our kids safely in the water.

    Right now, we think this looks like an abbreviated season starting June 7th, going through to the end of July. Ideally, we would have practices each week culminating in one intramural "Fun Meet" (meet with our own teammates) each month (not July 4thweekend!).

    All dates are TBD right now.

    Please bear with us as we navigate these new “waters”. But for your planning purposes, please know that: (1) yes, we hope to have a 2021 TC Sharks season; (2) it will not begin before school ends; (3) it will not be in August; (4) and, we're working on the rest of the details with the goal to have all of the information available and registration open by early May.

    Please know that we are doing our best and will communicate as often as possible. But again, please email me if you have any questions.

    Michelle Crosby

    Travis Country Sharks President

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