Monday Morning Musings from Coach Paul!

    Dear TC Sharks:

    Well, there’s no morning with these musings as I have procrastinated the morning away. I wonder if this is some subconscious way of making the experience last.

    Speaking of last, last week we had some nice morning practices. The weather has been playing havoc with the evening session, but that’s just the nature of nature. Such a strange month we are having. Practice this week, hopefully, will be without those weather challenges. The red and black groups have been working well. If your swimmer has been out this last week, just have them check with me and I’ll let ‘em know which group they should join. And, if your shark is complaining about the challenge (or lack thereof) please let me know and we’ll switch groups and see how that goes for them.

    This week we’ll be continuing to work on stroke mastery and fitness development. We spent a good amount of time learning and practicing diving on Friday, so we will be expecting the kids to be doing dives during practice… it is one of the cool things we get to do during practice that you cannot do at the pool during regular hours.

    This Friday’s spirit day is Harry Potter Day. I hope we have a lot of participation. I am working on creating some clever relays and it should be a fun photographic day.

    Our last meet is scheduled for a week from this Saturday. I imagine we’ll be doing things pretty much like we did last meet. I know a lot of folks won’t be able to attend and I will miss you very much, but we’ll carry on the best we can. One change will be that the second coin toss will be moved to Friday morning practice. Look for swimmer sign-ups and volunteer opportunities to be coming later this week.

    At the first meet, swimmers were awarded ribbons for placing in the top six places and if they achieved a personal best. The ribbons are available after practices. If you can’t stay right after your swimmer’s practice, then come on back to the pool anytime between 10 and 12 and we’ll be happy to get your swimmer’s ribbon(s) to them. Everyone will get something, so even if your swimmer didn’t get a top six result, we have a ribbon to share with them.

    I guess that’s all for now.

    See ya’ at the pool!

    Coach Paul

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