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What is Champs?

"Champs" is our league's championship meet. Swimmers from all eight teams in our league participate.  

Should I go to Champs?

Of course! Any swimmer who has a legal time from one of our regular season meets should go to Champs. Yes, the swimmers who might win medals get excited about Champs, but so should every swimmer. It's a chance to:

  • End the season with a Personal Best 
  • Bond with other Sharks swimmers and families
  • Celebrate a huge accomplishment with your swimmer
  • Feel like part of a team
  • Get excited about being a Shark 

But my swimmer isn't competitive with the older/bigger/faster swimmers . . .

Champs is different than regular season meets.  Many of the age groups are broken down to a single year (7 yrs olds swim against 7 yr olds not 7/8 yr olds) so more kids score points for the team and get ribbons.  More importantly, every swimmer has a chance to end the season with a personal best at Champs, and everyone knows that a PB ribbon is by far the best ribbon in summer swim.

Why is Champs at Texas A&M?

We need a facility large enough to accommodate swimmers and spectators from the entire league. Bonus: Swimmers get to swim in the competition pool at A&M's beautiful swim center.

What is the Champs Schedule?

10 and Unders swim in the morning (usually 9:00 - 1:00).  11 and Olders swim in the afternoon (usually 1:30 - 4:30). Click HERE to view last year's detailed schedule.

Should I go to College Station Friday night or Saturday?

It's up to you. Many swim families, especially those with younger swimmers will head down the night before. We will reserve a block of rooms (info coming this spring) at a hotel.  It is a lot of fun and a great bonding experience.  However, you can easily make the drive Saturday morning. Families of older swimmers usually drive down and back that day.

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BUT . . .

We have a busy summer.

Put Champs on your calendar NOW! (June 29, 2019) 

It's a long drive.

Yes, but it's an easy day trip. It's fun to go the night before or to caravan with other Sharks. 

My child isn't one of the best swimmers.

Summer swim is wonderful because it is about ALL swimmers. EVERY swimmer is important at Champs.EVERY swimmer comes away with a sense of accomplishment.  We want EVERY swimmer to feel proud to be a TC Shark!

My swimmer is too young.

This is a judgement call for parents. However, we encourage swimmers of all ages to participate. Swimmers as young as five and six regularly swim at Champs. By seven, most swimmers are up for the challenge and gain confidence from the experience.

My swimmer doesn't feel like part of the team.

All the more reason to go!  The Pre-Champs Pasta Dinner, the car-decorating party, playing with friends at the hotel the night before Champs, driving by the "Go Sharks" decorations in the neighborhood, cheering teammates from the stands are all bonding experiences.  

My swimmer doesn't know how to dive off the blocks.

Your swimmer does not have to use the blocks! Older swimmers often have a chance to practice diving off the blocks, but any swimmer can dive off the side of the pool.

The pool seems HUGE and INTIMIDATING!

OK, this one is true, but it is amazing to watch our swimmers take on the challenge. They scramble out of the pool after their race knowing they've done something HUGE and INTIMIDATING.

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Have Questions?

- Ask a coach

- Ask a veteran swim parent

- Ask the parent of a young swimmer

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