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Q: How do I know what age group my child is in?

A: Age groups are determined based on what age your swimmer is on May 1st.

Q: Who are the teams we compete against? I don’t know the acronyms.

A: Here is a list of the teams we compete against and links to their websites:

Q: We are new to swim this year and are unsure about our swimmers. What should we do?

A: We will have a Kick-Off Party on April 28th. This is a good time to come chat with the coaches and some of the board. Bring your swimmer. Ask Questions!

Q.  Why have dues gone up for 2019? 

A.  In the past, we have relied on donations in addition to dues to fund the swim team.  Based on feedback from our end-of-the-year survey, we've decided to stop asking for donations throughout the season and raise dues to cover the difference.  Our dues are now in-line with other teams in our league. 

Q: Are the kids required to to attend one practice each week? or are they expected to go to multiple practices?

A: Swimmers are encouraged to come to as many as possible during the week for their age group (meaning 1x per day, 4 days per week).

Q: What are the sign in sheets for?

A: There is a sign in sheet at each practice. The parents/guardians are to sign their swimmers in if under the age of 10. Over 10, the swimmer is allowed to come to practice by themselves and thus sign in themselves. Attendance is looked at each week by Coach Paul and he determines how the relay teams are formed (for the meets) with that being one of his criteria. If you don't come to any practices, you might not swim any relays.

Q: What happens if we can’t make all the practices?

A: We all have life and other commitments so not every practice happens. There is no penalty or anything like that. Just try to come as much as you can.

Q: Does my swimmer have to attend a certain number of practices in order to swim at a meet?

A: There is no requirement of practices. Please come as often as you can, it can only improve your swimmer’s time. However, if they do not attend at least one practice in a week, the coach has the option to not put them in a relay that weekend.

Q: Do we sign up for which practice to go to?

A: Whatever age the swimmer is on May 1, that is your age group. Those are the practices that the swimmer attends.

Q: What age can my child come to practice on their own?

A: Per TC rules, a child can be unaccompanied at age 10 or older. He/She can sign himself/herself in at age 10.

Q: How does Coach Paul determine who swims in which relay?

A: There are 2 different types of relays: Freestyle and Medley. The teams can change from meet to meet depending on which swimmers attend the meet and their best times. They are all age group specific. If a swimmer has not come to any practice that week, Coach Paul may not put them in a relay.


The A relay team is comprised of the 4 fastest swimmers

The B relay team will have the 5th and 6th fastest swimmers.

The other swimmers are assigned on a rotating basis.

Medley (Backstroke, Breast, Butterfly and Freestyle):

The A team is comprised of the fastest swimmer for each stroke.

The B team has the next fastest for breaststroke and butterfly - all other strokes are rotational

The other swimmer are assigned on a rotating basis.


Q: Does my swimmer have to wear a Sharks suit and cap to meets?

A: Your swimmer is encouraged to wear a team suit to meets, but may also wear an appropriate style suit that is black and red, or all black. All swimmers must wear a Sharks cap to meets.

Q: What is the difference between a latex and a silicone cap?

A: You will get a free latex cap with registration, or you can upgrade to a silicone cap for $5.00. Most swimmers prefer the silicone cap. It is more comfortable and much less likely to pull hair. Silicone caps are strongly recommended for girls with long hair or swimmers with tender heads.

Q: Does the swimmer wear his/her Shark swimsuit to the practices?

A: It is not required to wear shark swimsuits during practice. Swimmers should wear suits that they can do laps in.

Q: How do I know what suit size to get?

A: You can try-on and purchase your suit at SwimFreak beginning 3/1 - stop by their location in the Brodie Oaks shopping center (4032 South Lamar) and tell them you’re a Travis Country Shark. Alternatively, You can try on and purchase your suit at the Kick-Off Party 4/28 2:00 - 4:00.

Q: What comes with a swimmer’s registration?

A: A swimmer t shirt, swim cap, car sticker, swim bag, and a season full of fun and exercise and a great experience with your 'hood!

Q: How do I buy gear that is not part of registration?

A: During registration Adult t-shirts and visors will be available to purchase through our website.


Q: What time does concessions open on the morning of home meets?

A: 6:45 - coffee, juice and other beverages; 7:15 - breakfast tacos, donuts, fruit and other snacks; later in the morning we begin serving sausage wraps with lunch options beginning around 11:00 (hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and other items)

(Note that the above schedule applies to "regular" meets. There will be a limited lunch menu for our Fun Meet, but we'll still have our full breakfast menu, sausage wraps and a variety of snacks and beverages.)

Q. Where can I see the entire concessions menu?

A. We'll have our full menu (including some new additions this season) posted the week of the Fun Meet so keep an eye on the Concessions page of the Sharks site.


New and returning TC Sharks families: Please read through this information – there are changes to the volunteer sign-up process new to 2019!

Q: Why do I need to volunteer for Swim Team?

A: The Sharks swim team is run by parent volunteers and it takes at least 16 volunteer-hours per family to run the season. It takes a village to run a swim meet and we ask that every family contribute with at least one volunteer per meet.

Q: How is volunteering in 2019 different from past seasons?

A: New in 2019:

  • Volunteer sign-up will open up on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 8 pm. You will be able to sign up for all your volunteer hours for the entire season at that time.
  • You can sign up for ANY open volunteer position and do not need to maintain the same position the entire season. For example, you can do Ready Bench at the first meet, Concessions at the second meet, Age Group Parent at the third, etc.

Q: How do I sign up for my volunteer positions/shifts?

A: Online sign-up for volunteer shifts/positions will open up on April 28, 2019 at 8 pm. You can sign up on theTC Sharks website. You can sign up for all of your volunteer positions/shifts at that time!

Q: If my child does not participate at swim meets, do I need to volunteer?

A: Yes, all families are expected to volunteer during the swim season. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities in addition to swim meets, such as special events, meals for coaches, meet set-up, etc. If you need help finding a volunteer position that works for your family, please reach out to the Volunteer Coordinators (Tricia Gottsman: and Patty Ramirez: and they will help you out!

Q: Do both parents need to sign up to be a volunteer?

A: No, but we ask that at least one family member signs up to be a volunteer for each meet.

Q: Can both parents share a volunteer shift?

A: Yes. Just sign up one adult and then you can share the shift. Please do not take up 2 spots when you will only be filling one shift/position.

Q: How can I be sure to get the volunteer positions/shifts that I really want?

A: With our new system, volunteer sign-up is on a first-come, first-serve basis. So the earlier you sign up for your volunteer positions/shifts, the more likely you will be to get your first choice in volunteering. Remember, you can sign up for all volunteer positions/shifts, for the entire season, starting on April 28, 2019 at 8pm.

Q: Are all volunteer positions needed for home and away meets?

A: No, some volunteer positions are needed just for our home meets (i.e. Concessions, Playground Monitor, Hospitality, etc.) while other positions are needed for all meets (Age Group Parent, Timer, Stroke and Turn Judge, etc.).

Q: Are there shifts for my volunteer position, or will I need to be available during the entire meet?

A: Most volunteer positions are divided into shifts (Meet Crew, Ready Bench, Timers, etc.), with time commitments varying by position. Other volunteer positions, such as Age Group Parent, will be for the entire meet. When you sign up for your volunteer positions/shifts, you will be able to see which shift you are signing up for (for example, the first half of the meet, the second half of the meet, the entire meet, etc.) and how many hours that shift will last.

Q: How do I find out more about each of the different volunteer positions?

A: Most volunteer positions are described in the Travis Country Sharks Handbook. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinators (Tricia Gottsman: and Patty Ramirez:, and/or attend the Kick-off Party on April 28, 2019 from 2 – 4 pm if you would like more details.

Q: Who can I contact for more information on volunteering?

A: Feel free to contact your TC Sharks Volunteer Coordinators, Tricia Gottsman ( and Patty Ramirez (, with your questions and concerns.

TC Swim Club Board:

Q: Who are the members of the TC Swim Club Board?


  • Josh Clark  President
  • Michelle Crosby  Vice President
  • Bryan JonesPast  President
  • Ily Abounader Registrar
  • Tricia Gottsman/Patty Ramirez  Volunteer Coordinators
  • Graham Bettis Meet Director
  • Rex White  Asst. Meet Director
  • Jenny Leeds  Webmaster/Communications
  • Brian Viktorin  Concessions Coordinator
  • Pat Gibbons  Treasurer
  • Stacie Murphie  Secretary
  • Jenny Corbin  Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Erin Tyrrell  Gear Coordinator

Q: How do I get on the Board?

A: Talk with one of the current board members and let them know that you are interested.

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